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  • Target customers

    Protocol customers are decentralized applications that need to write and read data from the user's decentralized identity. The protocol will be used as part of the Deep Skills product decentralization process as well as many other dapps. Namely, the ones solving one of the following problems:

    • Project management. Deep Skills and other project management tools need a system to match project leads and contributors based on their competencies.
    • Onboarding. DAOs need a way to assess new contributors.
    • Сompensation and payroll. SourceCred and CoordinaApe transform engineering contributions into monetary rewards and can be used as additional data source.
    • Education. Education DAOs and their students need a clear overview of the skills and capabilities that are in a high demand right now. Potential customers: station, _buildspace, rabbithole, kernel, Gitcoin Discovery.
    • Web3 analytics. People are at the core of any industry. Understanding who is who in crypto is crucially important.
    • Networking / matchmaking. Any social platform can use professional data to do smarter matchmaking.
    • Meritocratic governance. Colony, Aragon, Snapshot, Tally will be able to provide meritocratic decision-making tools once trusted competencies data is available.

    End users will interact with the protocol through applications listed above or (if they desire) directly. Protocol will serve a function of a decentralized LinkedIn profile tied to the user’s blockchain identity and reusable across many applications.

  • Problems we are solving

    • For people: understand what should I learn, prove what I know how to do
    • For orgs: assess, onboard and coordinate contributors
  • Our Approach

    1. Customer research, ideation, workshops
    2. Concept design
    3. MVP build
    4. Customer testing (Deep Skills, Qualifave, HR Wallet, Gitcoin, etc)
    5. Decentralization

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