• Bored of the usual “Off-the-shelf” designs, we wanted to enable users to create unique T-Shirts with custom prints and unique style.
  • Empower the user to express his creativity every day.

What it does

  • Our application generates personalized T-Shirt styles with the help of Machine Learning and the Cloud. The user picks the content image and a particular style image. Both images are merged into a unique style, which is then printed on a T-Shirt.

How we built it

  • Our application is separated into two main components: The Frontend and a Compute Instance for machine learning.
  • The frontend is dynamic web application built with React and Twitter Bootstrap to enable an interactive user interface. For the deployment of this component we use Docker.
    • In the machine learning component a Tensorflow model is running on a GPU instance from Google Compute Engine.
  • As a data store and database we rely on Firebase.
  • To create the individual T-Shirt we use the Mockup Generator from Printful.
  • To support the image selection process we use the Flickr Api, such that the user can search images.

Challenges we ran into

  • Setting up the whole pipeline, making it as intuitive as possible for the user.
  • Setting up Google Cloud Engine to run Tensorflow models.
  • Creating HTTPs certificates.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Built an entire web application from scratch in a constrained time.
  • Distributed the architecture across multiple servers, integrating a powerful GPU Machine from Google Cloud.
  • Provided a pleasant user experience for selecting images and seeing the results.

What we learned

  • React.
  • Tensorflow.
  • Style Transfer.
  • Firebase Storage and Authentication.

What's next for Deep Shirt

  • Allow the users to purchase the newly created T-Shirts.
  • Integrate a rating system to rank the best T-Shirts on the home page.


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