Welcome to the deep blue sea. You are a deep-sea diver who is looking for treasure. However, in this deep, blue ocean, there are many adversities you will face in your search. As you delve deeper into the dangerous zones of the ocean, you will encounter all sorts of sea creatures such as jellyfish, electric eels and even sharks! No-one has ever made it far enough in order to see what the treasure contains. Legend says that there’s a gigantic creature that is restricting access to the treasure. Will you be the first to see what’s inside?


This game uses an oculus rift to create a fully immersive environment. Harvest fish to gain experience and work your way up to fight the mysterious boss at the end. Along the way, there will be special monsters that drop the parts you need for new weapons. There are different zones you will have to go through in order to get to the boss. Each zone increases in difficulty as you get lower and lower. Make sure you have the proper equipment before you go any further!

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