We got inspired by the theme and wanted to make something sea related, so we thought that we can make a quiz and guessing game which in turn would help the user gain knowledge.

What it does

Our website has a login portal where people can login to see their scores. Our website has two major feature

  1. Quiz game regarding sea animals
  2. Guessing game of sea animals In quiz one can play the quiz can have a new question each time generated using NLP via cohere and have a great time. In Guessing game, there will be a image of the sea animal which have to be guessed and will be showed whether, it was correctly guessed or not when you click on submit

How we built it

We built it using Flask(Python), co:here(python), HTML, CSS. First we had problems initiating the website due to tech stack, but we overcame that. Flask acts as the backend of the website, where co:here generated new question for quiz everytime and new image for the quiz and game respectively

Challenges we ran into

  • Initially we had a lot of problems in deciding the teammates, many left us in b/w.
  • We couldn't think of any idea on the theme since it was a bit tricky
  • Cohere was new and difficult for us to use initially

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • All the things in the website are dynamic
  • All the text in the website is controlled by NLP by co:here
  • We could finish the project in time

What we learned

  • We learnt to adhere to time and adhere
  • We learnt how to work in a team

What's next for Untitled

  • We will have a leaderboard for quiz and guess game.
  • We will have multiplayer to play with them in real-time and match the scores.

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