We thought “What are the problems people face when it comes to music?”. A never ending question at home parties: “Who is responsible for music tonight?” No more worries about that! Imagine that you come to a home party and you hear your favourite songs, and everyone does. How cool is that?

What it does

With DeeJay the host of the party can create a virtual room, share the link to the room with the guests, and after they log in with their spotify accounts DeeJay will automatically generate playlists based on common music tastes. As easy as this! You don’t have to worry about party playlists anymore, leave this for DeeJay and just enjoy each other's company while listening to the music you all like. DeeJay app takes into account music tastes of as much people as possible and suggests the music which most of the people in the room would enjoy. When new people join the room, playlist is dynamically updated. DeeJay will make sure that everyone will get a favourite song and that the whole playlist will be in the same mood.

How we built it

We used React and Node.js

Accomplishments that we'm proud of

We have a working prototipe with a nice design which can already solve real-world problems

What we learned

We learnt more about building applicatins and working in team

What's next for DeeJay

To expand the idea, the DeeJay app could also ask for the mood / theme of the party (‘chilling’ / ‘birthday party’) and adjust the playlist based on track features such as loudness, tempo or dancability. When playlist is on it could be very easy for each of the guests to save the current song on spotify and to save the whole set of songs playing that night when the party is over. Also it could be possible to save the room members and the settings to use it when your company gathers together again!

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