Block Party

Made for HobbyHacks 2020 by Jessica Cheng and Jennifer Guo

Problem Statement

With the ongoing pandemic, it is our responsibility to socially distance ourselves from others. This comes with the consequence of not being able to relax and enjoy music with friends as well as meet new strangers in your area. When people hang out in groups, they often listen to music in order to bond with each other. In the current era, it is really difficult to enjoy music in sync with your friends while remaining socially isolated.


We made Block Party for the music category because we realized that people missed connecting with both their friends and strangers through music. In Block Party, users first either create or join a room. You can join a room using a room code provided by a friend or join a room with other people near you.
Everyone in the same room will be listening to the same song and can add and skip songs in the shared song queue!

Software Details

We made Block Party using React, Firebase, the Youtube API, and
In order to navigate through the pages and place people in rooms, we use React Router, along with a firebase backend. The user can choose to join rooms nearby them, and we used to both create and detect geofences. Lastly, in order to search, add, and play the songs in the Block Party room, we used the Youtube API.

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