We like helping each other out. Usually one person orders food for a bunch of people, grouped on one chat room. We thought we can have an app for that and include other services too. To spice it up, we even added a karma points system. When you do good you receive Karma points, when you ask for good you lose Karma points. That's how we are sure everybody needs to do good in order to have good.

What it does

When you have a busy day at the office you can use the app and ask someone to buy you something to eat. When someone sees your wish he can call dibs on it and will bring you what you need. When the the event is closed, you will have 1 Karma point less, and your friend will win 2 karma points. Make sure next time you will help someone who's hungry, too!

Each time you post an event, you can set a time span for it.

For now we have 4 categories of events: I need/buy something from Mega, I need/buy food, I need/give a car ride, Misc.

An event will have 3 statuses: New, pending (after someone called dibs on it) closed.

Challenges we ran into

Virtual machine AD integration Design implementation

Accomplishments that we're proud of

AD integration Hip design

What we learned

Frontend design VueJS LDAP registration

What's next for DeedZ

move login to single page Chat integration Other types of events and rewards

Built With

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