CryptoKitties, and diverging ERC-721 specs showed us that tailoring standardised contracts can encourage interoperability and common goals.

What it does

Creates new ERC-721 contracts and allows the minting of individual tokens.

How we built it

We started out by joining the ERC-721 working group meeting on Friday and applying insights from that to contracts created by OpenZeppelin. We then templated these contracts and built and interface for it.

Challenges we ran into

Our core goal was an API which could be used by groups of developers programmatically. Deployment and contract management was surprisingly difficult however so we pivoted to focus on a MetaMask-based solution to start.

What we learned

We all started out with practically no Solidity experience, so getting to a point were we could deploy dozens of contracts to Ropsten and Rinkeby was a good accomplishment.

Also, don't trust food trucks.

What's next for deedfactory

Revisit the API and refine the contracts to reduce gas costs at deploy time.

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