There are so many gofundme campaigns now that they have become somewhat a requirement for those in need. The state of society is split between those who have so much but not satisfied and those who lack the resources to accomplish their true potential.

Deed is an app to replace the emptiness of meaningless likes/favs/hearts and instead gives you a direct way to make a difference in someone's life. Someone in need.

What it does

With Deed, user is presented with a question and two options:

  • Have you done your good Deed today? 1- Yes, I have: User enters a manual deed they have done during their regular day. 2- No, show me those in need. User is presented with a list of needs.

Anyone can submit a picture and a short story about how they are in need of a little help. Share their story.

Anyone can tap the K button to donate a tiny amount of KIN to those in Need. Currently this is set to a 100 KIN but it will be adjusted depending on feedback.

How I built it

I designed and built this app as a platform to expand and adapt as necessary. I think it can be a really powerful tool. It can show the power of cryptocurrency to enable quick transfers and level the playing field across geographies.

Challenges I ran into

KIN SDK was a breeze to work with. I have not faced any challenges yet but the user acquisition will be a challenge. I'm hoping recognition from this competition will help with that.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have a working prototype that shows the crucial parts of the app. I like to keep the UI clean and clutter free. And the great feeling of seeing "my good deeds" will create a positive reinforcement loop that is important to have in any successful app.

What I learned

That KIN is very easy to work with. Very quick to get started and full custody cryptocurrency in an app does not have to be complicated.

What's next for Deed

Get some beta testers for the app, collect feedback and improve as required. Initial plans include usage statistics, a way for those in need to reveal more info to those that donate, and maybe even custom amounts. But I'd like to keep the app fast paced.

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