When forming the group and deciding the project, a common interest found among the four of us was a strong passion for software and hardware. Therefore, the use of hardware to help build a DNS server was an obvious choice.

What it does

The Dee-NS is a domain name system...

How I built it

We used the DragonBoard 410c to make it. And laptops. Lots of Coffee too.

Challenges I ran into

  • Syntax Errors/Complile time errors
  • buttons
  • time constraints -pointer D referencing
  • reverse enginnering DnS systems
  • different skill levels

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Challnged to finish something over night and was able to accomplish
  • Learned/refreshed CSS/HTML overnight
  • UI
  • SQL and Python
  • DNS Server

What I learned

  • How to work on a team
  • Use a pre made DNS next time and can save time
  • How to make a website and a database

What's next for Dee-NS Server

  • One time learning experience and can be used as a template to understand the concept of DNS in a more in depth through manner
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