Whether you’re studying in a group for finals, shredding down the mountain with your buddies, or just wanting to hear what your friends are listening to, sharing a music experience together makes it all more enjoyable. An app which allows friends to connect and listen to music selected by one lead “DJ” has the potential to greatly enhance group activities and remove the need for each individual to take charge of their own song choices.

Our App

Dee-J makes this a reality. It allows Spotify Premium users to either host and broadcast what they’re listening to, or tune in and enjoy another Dee-J user’s broadcast. Users can simply enter their Spotify account information, make the choice of what role to take, and enjoy the music, wherever they may be.

Technological Innovation

Through extensive use of the Spotify iOS SDK, Dee-J uploads a host user’s song selections to our dedicated remote server (Rented through Digital Ocean). From there, again through utilization of Spotify’s API, client users can fetch a host’s broadcast information and join in on the listening.

The Future

Easily scalable to large numbers of hosts and listeners per host. Streamlined user interface to provide users with the most satisfying music experience possible. Implementation of a “friend’s list” which will allow users in a social network to quickly find the streams of friends and possible new connections. Expanded audio playback capabilities including playlists and favorited streams, possibly using the Socket.IO Swift Client.

Built With

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