Flights are very stressful events due to the amount of time that is spent waiting. You wait for your luggage to be checked in, you wait for TSA to check you in, and finally, you wait to board on the plane. This is not including the amount of time that is spent getting off the plane and waiting patiently for your luggage to come down the luggage carousel and exiting the airport.

What it does

This application helps flighters visualize the Steffen's modified model so that they understand why they have to follow the new process and why they're given absurd boarding numbers (e.g. boarding number 129). This process has been shown to be faster despite the anxiety people might get when they see such rules. more on the theory here

How I built it

The application is bootstrapped using React as the front end and Node.js as the back end. Express is used to handle requests and MongoDB is used to store the data. This stack is known as the MERN stack.

Challenges I ran into

Some of the challenges I faced was understanding how REST worked and how to send and receive data. I plan on continuing this project using 'sprints' for the next few months to possibly solve this mysterious problem without having airlines lose the profits that are made from selling better seats and faster boarding times.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of actually finding something I'm willing to continue for the next few months. I think that in the current age of technology, we're able to solve this problem and benefit the airlines and customers.

What I learned

One thing I learned is that even if you spend every day with the same tech stack (MERN) you'll always face difficult challenges that take more than 24 hours to fix. What matters is how you plan to tackle such difficulties in those hours, weeks, months and even years.

What's next for Decreasing Plane Boarding Time using IoT

Since the majority of the concept can be developed through an app that lets customers see the benefits, I'll make that the first phase and personal challenge for the next few months.

After I have a clear roadmap, I want to pitch this to either airline employees or investors to get the hardware needed to start developing a system that could potentially decrease overall times for customers and increase profits for airlines.

At the end of the day, we humans prefer reliability over the company itself so if American Airlines has a faster more reliable solution that can speed up business employees to their destination, more people will use it regardless of how much they love their current airline.

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