The inspiration was born out of the desire to reduce the spread of the pandemic and to make the society more fit for everyone.

What it does

It allows individuals to test themselves to know if they are positive to the disease and also gives advise on how they could go about reducing the spread. Also there is a live chat where the individual can chat directly with health experts which bridges communication gap between the masses and health professionals.

How we built it

We built it by brainstorming and coming up with ideas to go about solving the problem. The team has really worked tirelessly utilizing various research and resources to come up with this effective solution.


Our major challenge was working on this project within a short time and also getting each team member cooperate.


The accomplishment we're proud of is successfully building our web app and have started using the application programming interface to create our mobile app.

We learned the importance of team work and also how to ignite the problem solving power in us.

After the Hackathon

DeCorona doesn't stop here we look forward to future where we can totally eradicate any pandemic at all and also solving major problems facing the world.

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