Centralized marketplaces have high processing, switching and onboarding costs for merchants and affiliates.

With decentralized listing and permissionless affiliate partnerships and NFT gating, we enable a frictionless marketplace with near zero fees.

Merchants take their products to all applicable markets with the help of affiliates.

What it does

dApp has the following features which defines workflows for 3 personas that will use it.


  • Easy listing: create storefront, catalog of items, set price and be in business in minutes
  • Instantly be able to take payments
  • Approve of deny affiliate commission proposals
    • Cancel affiliate partnership at any time
  • [future] upload digital assets to be accessible by NFT ownership


  • Propose affiliate percentage of each sale
  • On approval receive custom affiliate URL
  • Instantly receive commission for each transaction made from personal URL


  • Pay less on decentralized platform without middlemen
  • Only confirmed transactions can leave reviews
  • Benefit from better products & services from increased competition among greater number of merchants

How we built it


  • Next.js & React
  • Typescript
  • Chakra UI
  • Solidity, Hardhat
  • Polygon, and soon to come Celo


  • Long hours of coding until 5am.

Challenges we ran into

Producing a lot of code in only 2 days and making sure everything worked correctly and then producing a video demo.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Enable a merchant to have permissionless affiliates is something novel that we have done
  • Programming sales commission into the smart contract

What we learned

  • Learned that Celo is a perfect blockchain for this because it is mobile friendly, has low transaction fees and emphasis on mass adoption and impact.

What's next for

  • Deploy on Celo
  • NFT Gating for digital assets.
  • Find partners and onboard customers.

Built With

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