One person on our team had made a number to letter encryption, so we decided to build off of that idea and teach people how to read encryptions.

What it does

The application introduces people to simple substitution ciphers, providing a variety of tools to learn and practice decrypting. The web app portion is a game where people can upload their own keys and encryptions then compete with friends to see who can decrypt each other's code.

How I built it

copypasta and powerpoints and tkinter and voodoo magic

Challenges I ran into

Not enough pasta to copy

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

tkinter magic is magic

What I learned

tk fonts, how to web app, how to encrypt/decrypt

What's next for Decode it!

Extend to different ciphers, track time, have a duel/showdown mode in which you compete with a friend to see who can finish first!

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