Digitalise bureaucracy

When colleagues are negotiating on better prices to do business in a new environment, the company wants to alleviate extra pressure of tracking costs they bare. It's a challenge not only to monitor and to track expenses but also to submit them on time. Thus, employees are overwhelmed with bureaucracy while doing their best to go to a digital future. Declathon takes care of tracking costs such as parking costs , hotel costs , transport costs , personal budget , dinner costs and others.

Make benefits out of expenses

Declathon is a scalable cost tracking system that acts between employees and their HR department to deliver a sustainable and flexible system for the reimbursement processes. Declathon helps to track expenses by automatically filling the form with the right category. It prevents from rechecking and resubmitting the form because of an incorrect category.

Employees are busy with performing tasks and Declathon makes sure that every cent is declared according to rules. The main reasons for the declaration declining are Approval questions (60%) and New application (38%). On top of them, declaration form, signature, dates are being missed. These details make the reimbursement process hard, bad and slow.

Declathon provides a user-friendly interface for employees to track and to claim expenses and companies to reimburse costs following tax regulations.

Built on tons of paper

To make the system operate at a full capacity, Express.js framework was chosen. Based on it the system is scalable and maintainable. An application is designed with MVC (Model View Controller). Authentication, verification and prepared statements (against SQL injection) are implemented for security reasons. Restful API was designed to deal with requests from the user interacting with a dashboard. Bootstrap was used to make web application fully responsive.

Challenging challenges

Transparency and privacy concepts framed architecture of the application. However, both of them match perfectly at a given point.

Declathon declares a better future

Declathon is to be brought to the next development stage after unit testing, co-quality checking, security penetration and stress testing.

Declathon is on the mission to minimise time on bureaucracy therefore extra user features are to be added. In the next edition

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