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A WebGL overlay suite for React providing a set of highly performant data visualization overlays


Provides tested, highly performant layers for data visualization use cases, such as scatterplots, choropleths etc in 2 and 3 dimensions.

npm install --save


import DeckGL from '';
import {ArcLayer} from '';

const flights = new ArcLayer({
  id: 'flights',
  data: [] // Some flight points

<DeckGL width={1920} height={1080} layers={[flights]} />

A very simple usage of is showcased in the exhibits directory, using both webpack and browserify, so you can choose which setup you prefer or are more familiar with.

You can also take a look at the docs website or browse directly the docs folder.


npm install
npm test
npm start

Node Version Requirement

Building from source has a dependency on node 0.12 or higher. Either upgrade to a newest version, or install something like nvm.


PRs and bug reports are welcome. Note that you once your PR is about to be merged, your will be asked to register as a contributor by filling in a short form.

Data sources

SF OpenData

TLC Trip Record Data


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