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Whether it's deciding how to spend a budget, deciding on the next TV series to binge, or even deciding on a hackathon submission idea, there are lots of instances where it can be difficult to decide on something. This is even more apparent when you're working in a group. We decided to focus on productivity and quality of life, so we were inspired to create a project to make the decision-making process more efficient in these kinds of circumstances. Specifically, we wanted to focus on the comparison and organization of brainstorming ideas and solutions. This way, all members of a group can have their ideas heard and reduce conflict/disputes.

What this project does

Decisive Decisions is a web app that allows users to compile all of their different ideas into a virtual list. From there, users can add in a description and information on what resources would be required for each idea. Additionally, Decisive Decisions lets users compare the pros and cons of each idea.

Finally, with each of the user's ideas fully explored and organized, they can select which idea they would like to use through Decisive Decisions' voting system.

With Qoom's OpenDB feature, Decisive Decisions also has a login system to save data for users with an account.

How we built this

We built our web app using HTML, CSS, and JS in Qoom's collaborative environment. We also used Google Fonts, Qoom's OpenDB, and Fetch.

Challenges we ran into

We initially had trouble coming up with/deciding on an idea, which also tied into the inspiration.

Technically, we also had a problem with being able to fetch data from our database based on individual accounts. Eventually, we were able to overcome this issue by using Qoom's OpenDB with the help of Qoom mentors and creators.

Accomplishments we are proud of

We are proud of our final product because we were able to create a solution to our own problem, as well as a problem that many other people face too. Moreover, we are proud of making a functional login system, database system, and voting system so that users can have their own accounts and work with the ideas that they have contributed.

What is next for this project

The next steps for this project would be to add features to be able to edit ideas and descriptions as well as delete options in case users no longer want an idea or theme.

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