Decentralized Film production

DeCinema stands for decentralized cinema, It’s a blockchain-based dapp that aids directors/filmmakers to raise funds for their movie and allows each and every individual to be a producer.

Basic Work Flow

  • Director/Filmmaker requests for funds for production in DCN token(Decinema token).
  • Decinema has a small dex like feature that swaps ETH to DCN and vice-versa.
  • The script, poster data is stored in interplanetary file system (IPFS).
  • Director/filmmaker raises funds with a fixed amount of interest to be paid back to the contributors.
  • Each and every contributor is termed as producer(share holder to the film).
  • After the total box earnings from the film, The filmmaker does return the fund with a fixed interest of amount set.
  • The repaid funds are then distributed amongst each shareHolder(contributors) with the amount of interest earned on the basis of his/her amount of share.

Dapp's Glimpse

Example Interface

Browse Films

Request Form


Retrived Data From IPFS and Blockchain

Contribute To Film

Challenges we faced

  • We were initially trying to store a large set of data like script into the blockchain, which was very expensive in terms of gas.
  • We were able to solve it via IPFS.
  • IPFS on local node works fine, but we intended the project to be easily available publicly so we used infura's ipfs solution.
  • We made sure to keep the dapp as much as decentralized as possible, so we made a payout function that the filmmaker triggers to payout the loaned fund with interest.
  • We had mic issues so we used text to audio convertor for videos.

What we learned

#Resources used <br></br>
IPFS - (InterPlanetary File System) - To store script, poster images, etc.
Truffle - Blockchain based development tool.
Metamask - Web extension crypto wallet, and even to connect to test networks.
Web3 - Ethereum JavaScript API to interact with the web-based react with ethereum blockchain. - We use API for dummy film content.
React - A JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
reactstrap - For forms and additional components.
Openshot - To create a pitching video.
For Audio - (We had some mic issues so we used audio from text software).


Introduction Video
This is the explanatory video regarding the overall project scope moto etc.

Working prototype
This is the video shows step by step work flow.

Steps to test

1) Connect Metamask
   Name: Kovan Testnet
2) Create .env file add metamask's PRIVATE_KEY, KOVAN_URL
3) git clone
4) yarn
5) yarn start


Sagar - +917756885345

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