Deciding Blockchain enables group decision making within the enterprise and in collaborations between enterprises. Smart contracts based on the Stratis development platform are used to create an environment where cross-functional teams, committees, and other decision making groups collectively take ownership of the decision-making process without requiring the types of management or administrative control that can suppress genuine commitment and independent contributions. At the same time, these smart contracts help the group drive toward a consensus decision but in a way that pushes the decision-making cycle forward with the speed required in fast changing competitive industries. Modern organizations in a wide variety of industries seek to go beyond traditional hierarchical organizational decision making and better capture the collective intelligence of their highly skilled workforce. Deciding Blockchain uses smart contracts to enable that collaboration while avoiding the perils of group think and consensus paralysis.

Deciding Blockchain smart contracts allow groups to create rule sets that determine when the group has decided. These rule sets can require progressively smaller super majorities over time and if necessary, eventually use the Schulze ranked voting system to ensure the best collective choice even if a majority can not agree on a single option. Rules are based on both the portion of group members in favor of an option and the portion of those who have voted. In this way the smart contract can tailor the decision-making process to help maximize participation but still enable forward progress when with reduced participation.

What's next

  • Completion of UI features to fully access all the smart contract features
  • Improved error handling
  • Improve upon prototype‚Äôs UX
  • Additional apps for other platforms

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