John Hammond's Smart Choices lays out a scientifically proven method for effective decision making which can be used alone or in a team to make the right choice. This method can be time consuming, involve some math, and hard to remember, so we built a tool that enables a group of people to put this scientifically researched method into action together.

What it does

Our app allows multiple users to simultaneously participate in a decision making problem, with real time updates presented to each individual. The system guides its users through the process of identifying the alternatives they wish to select between, the criteria on which they wish to make their decision, the relative weighting of those criteria, and how each alternate stacks up on each of the criteria. In the end, the user is presented with a table representing the information we collected from them.

How we built it

We built this app using and React. Our server ensures that collaborators can see changes in real time, with each addition by a colleague showing up, and progress through the process synchronized between browsers.

Challenges we ran into

  • Concurrency issues due to simultaneous processing
  • Working with new tools to us like React

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Building an end to end product that we're excited to use ourselves, and share with friends
  • At most companies, poor operational decision making compromises upward of 3% of profits, according to research by Gartner, we're proud to offer a tool firms can use to combat this.

What we learned

  • How to dig deep when challenges threaten to block you.

What's next for Decidely (

We're keen to build in a deeper account system to allow users to keep track of their past decisions, and add features that identify dissenting or polarizing elements of a group decision based on the distribution of submitted values.

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