It's hard to get in touch with customers via email. People just don't respond any more. If we consider most emails today are consumed on mobile devices (and soon wearables), it is just onerous to compose replies on these small devices. Although there are many email productivity tools out there, they are focused on sending more emails (mail merge), figuring out when is the best time to send emails, and A/B testing email performance. We felt if it were simply easier to make a reply without having to type a written response, email productivity and customer engagement would increase.

What it does

Decidedly makes it easy for anyone to create emails with clickable responses, so that the recipient can respond with a single click. We can then present follow-up questions based on an initial response, and capture responses as structured data to drive downstream workflows and aggregate response data to uncover customer insight.


Sales teams using Decidedly have seen 2-5x more replies, more positive replies, and way faster replies than traditional emails.

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