An average person spends 10 minutes per day on deciding what to eat or what NOT to eat. And what's worse, is that most of the time the decision that is made is not in the best interest of the person

What it does

Decide does what it says! It helps you decide if you should eat what is in front of you or not.

How I built it

This app was built using the Android Studio.

Challenges I ran into

This is my first app ever!! so, you can imagine what I went through!! Before this weekend I never knew that making a button disappear at the right time is such a huge task. Also, the version of java used in developing Android applications was not exactly what I expected it to be.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I did it!! I finished an app on my own. Its not at all perfect, but I know that this app has a lot of potential. I am sure that at least every college student can make one healthier decision in a day due to this.

What I learned

Making this app has taught me much more about Android Development than sitting through a month's lectures would have taught me. I understand the basic concepts of an application now and I am confident that I can move on to understanding higher concepts

What's next for DECIDE

I hope that this app can help everyone, especially patients, in maintaining a healthy diet. With a few developments this app can be easily customised for individual users

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