We believe that R&D in emerging economies such as Latin America can take advantage of the new data economy powered by blockchain technologies to allow different research groups create an alternate source of income and continue with their projects without relying on any centralized funding organization, while also serving as a bridge to open collaboration between public/private institutions. All of this while each member stays in control of her data privacy and receives proper rewards for their contributions.

You can read more about our idea in our blog post here

DEMO Video

A two-part video demo can be found within this Youtube Playlist

What it does

At a first stage, our main focus was on: 1) implementing a PoC data marketplace to allow research groups to monetize their findings, 2) build tools that facilitate the onboarding experience for web 2 users and data scientists and 3) enable a fine-grained privacy-preserving mechanism that allows a more dynamic access control within the marketplace, so datasets for research can be more easily captured by crowdsourcing, enabling each member to stay in control of their data and receive proper rewards for their contributions.

  • Decentralized Marketplace

The place where research institutes, industry, and individuals unite together in favour of the generation of transferable research. Stakeholders can create/join data unions, publish data assets resulting from research findings, or create data challenges to crowdsource data for better results without compromising the privacy and rights to of each individual's contributions, thus enabling the Data as Labour paradigm. The industry could also create challenges to find talented teams that can solve their data-related requirements.

A live version of the marketplace is available here (PLEASE use HTTP instead of https as we're having some issues with some of our services when using a secure connection)

  • Data wallet

It is an all-in-one interface solution for accessing and managing the users’ assets in Ocean Protocol. It supports all protocol features and is ready to be integrated into any dApp/web-based data science tool. You can connect to multiple wallets, from a burner wallet for easy user onboarding, to Metamask, or more Web2 friendly wallets such as Torus (Social Login), and Portis. The wallet integrates with 3box so a user/data scientist can create a profile, join data unions, and build a decentralized data science reputation. Additionally, it also offers other useful features such as token swap using decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap (feature still under development)

  • Other infrastructure

We also built a subgraph using TheGraph protocol for getting optimal off-chain queries of on-chain activity in Ocean Protocol. In this way, the protocol and dApps could scale when the protocol gets more activity and usage. We think this is a better solution so a user doesn’t need to connect to the network to get on-chain data from the protocol smart contracts, while queries are executed faster than using event listeners from block 0 using web3js.

The subgraph GraphQL endpoint for the Nile testnet is available here

How we built it

  • Enhanced version of the commons marketplace
  • Build the first version of the data wallet using React. Enable Multiple wallet support using web3connect
  • Integrate 3box for enabling data scientist profiles & reputation system and the creation of Data Unions as a decentralized network
  • Integration with web-based data science tools like Jupyter notebooks
  • Build a subgraph for the Ocean Protocol smart contracts
  • Data Challenges & data crowdsourcing through Standard Bounties
  • Integrate with NuCypher for fine-grained data access control. Users can make contributions to data challenges by submitting the data encrypted. Then, when someone purchases the dataset through Ocean Protocol and wants to consume their information, the owner will be the only to give them permissions so data can be re-encrypted and accessed by authorized
  • Crowdsource consolidation into a dataset & Publishing into Ocean Protocol is still under development
  • Fine-grained access control management and batch reward distribution is still under development

Challenges we ran into

  • Network instability
  • Aquarius & Brizo instancesthrew errors during the hackathon
  • We have to do the deployment to the Nile testnet, as the Pacific network was clogged during December
  • We needed more time to do perform in-depth token engineering analysis & deployment of bonding curves contracts, so this feature is still under development
  • Dynamic Pricing using bonding curves is still under development
  • Follow in Data Unions using 3box still produce errors
  • Portis doesn't work on a public host when not using HTTPS

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • In-depth knowledge of the Ocean Protocol stack
  • Integration with other web3 tools & protocols such as 3box, TheGraph, NuChypher
  • Ready to integrate further data token functionality & other protocols

What we learned

A lot about the data economy, and privacy-preserving solutions using web3 technologies

What's next for Decentraminds Data Wallet & Marketplace

  1. Payment to contributors of crowdsourced datasets by bounties using dynamic pricing tokens
  2. Experimentation with Data tokens:
  3. Re-Fungible NFTs (EIP-1634)
  4. Data Tokens (EIP-1948)
  5. Composable Tokens for streaming data services
  6. Tradeable data tokens on Uniswap
  7. Tokenize Access Control using NFTs
  8. Creation of Assets Baskets by Data Cooperatives
  9. Smart contract wallet for better asset management & consumption(in DAOs, etc)
  10. Better onboarding by deploying a Smart contract wallet to new users using CREATE2
  11. Further development on Dynamic Princing
  12. Crowdsourced dataset Token issuance based on bonding curves
  13. Asset registry for tracking ownership

Challenges we think we are eligible

  • Data Marketplaces: Decentraminds markerplace
  • Network Integrations: Integration with NuCypher. Initial integration of data wallet withing jupyter notebook
  • Wild Card: Decentraminds Data wallet
  • CommOcean Bonus: with our blogpost
  • Speedy Submission Bonus

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