Inspiration Problem:

Financial InclusionChildren and youth today are facing unprecedented challenges, challenges that have been compounded by the COVID 19 crisis. Innovation is critical to building a better world for EVERYONE. Together, we must act faster together, to design, use and scale truly transformational solutions for every child and youth to have access to a brighter financial future. A newly updated study maps the continuing growth in global demand for higher education through 2040 will nearly point to 600 million students enrolled in universities around the world. The analysis comes in the form of a new paper, Massification of Higher Education Revisited, from Angel Calderon, the principal advisor for planning and research at RMIT University in Melbourne. As the following chart illustrates, the total number of students in higher education is expected to reach nearly 380 million by 2030, 472 million by 2035, and more than 594 million by 2040 – all up from roughly 216 million as of 2016. The majority of those after finishing their study are facing employment challenges today, for example only in Tanzania more than 6.9 million youth are jobless, and more than 64 million globally by estimate suffer the same problem. Not merely that of children, the excluded market includes 2.2 billion children (aged 0-18) living in the world today under banked without a wallet, ledger, trades, or savings.

What it does:

Decentralized Youth Trust FundsProtect the next generation with Decentralized Trust Funds. Future proof with KRYPTON-to-Youth Set trust with funds network members with allowances, increase financial education and invest in your child's financial future. Students at the College and Universities can invest the same via the system during their study period to save for their financial future after they graduate and be able to initiate their own jobs and get self-employed. Set Trust Account Holder where accounts are created by Parents and Trust line members are one or more children. For youth can have only is own account.

How we built it:

NFT Trust Funds on the XRPLNFT Certificates: IOUs with Gateway Trust Line. A trust fund that will allow all parents to deposit money for their kids and youth by themselves at the college and University using the name: Krypton and an XRP-based balance on a ledger stored on Ripple wallet. An NFT is issued to each child, and after a given period of time, e.g. 1 year, interest accrued is issued to that certificate holder with on-chain information. Long-Term Stability where after a certain number of years, when the child is an adult, the child can access funds in the trust fund based on parameters on the NFT certificate. Youth from Colleges and Universities can register by themselves through the same process as students and start saving for them, the money that will support them as an initial starting capital after they finish their studies and are able to get self-employed. Issue tokens (NFT) on the XRPL as discussed in XLS-14d - and Receive tokens with QR codes to XRPL account holders and XUMM users. Generate a wallet on an XRP ledger funded with enough XRP to meet the account reserve and scan QR codes with xumm mobile. Claim XKR tokens with Krypton balance as XRP is fast and scalable = 4 second transactions and 1500 tx/sec with the ability to process XRP, BTC, ETH, and Credit/Debit Card.

What's next for KryptonHold for the future generations:

Stake in XKR/XRPL liquidity pool: XKR tokens XRPL tokens with Ripple Net RTXP validators.

What's next for Decentralized Youth Trust Fund

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