The good user interface on a crypto wallet will help to send or receive the money in the ethereum blockchain in an easier, faster, and convenient way. Also, you will have control of assets, keep your private keys, and benefit from the power of blockchain.

What it does

    The user interface has the following main features in your decentralized wallet that,

  1. Create Bitcoin and Ethereum Wallets
  2. Take full control of assets to Send and Receive the ether by approving the transactions
  3. Buy tokens with moneybutton
  4. Check out the Balance
  5. Get to know the address of the approver
  6. Get the live updates of your Transaction

How I built it

  I have used the solidity language for writing the smart contract to our Dapp. Then, I used the various smart contract methods to read and write the data from the ethereum blockchain network, Also, I have enabled the Biconomy for the web3 support of our Dapp.

Challenges I ran into

   The entire dapp is functioning on the Avalanche Fuji C-chain. I can able to run the Avalanche node in Ubuntu. I have the challenge to create the address for sending or receiving the cryptocurrency in the Avalanche Platform. So, We need more documentation for the complete package development.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  I have developed the dapp for sending and receiving the ether, bitcoin for our enterprise that we can use in the organization which I am proud of.

What I learned

  I have learned the solidity language to some extent and writing the smart contract for Dapp.

What's next for Decentralized Wallet

  I have successfully developed, tested, and deployed the contract for a decentralized wallet(Dapp). Still, I will include more features and functionality for the cryptocurrency transactions.

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