Inspiration: The whole moment of decentralization has distrusted rent-seeking industries. Ie. Parties which act as gate keeps & trusted 3rd parties among an otherwise cohort. While great progress has been many in minimizing these rent, in the world of gambling and games of skill all cryptocurrency based companies still require you to do one or more of these things: 1. Take a fee or commission 2. For you to hold their ICO token or 3. make an account. With the advent of Etherum smart contracts we are able to completely eliminate the middleman and implement logic and randomness otherwise supplied by the 3rd party aka the House/Casino/Lottery.
Instead of a 50/50 you can now have a provably fair 100/100. The same can be said for many other games including craps, dice, roulette and the PowerBall Lottery

What it Does? It provides a probably fair system of smart contracts to replicate an autonomous worldwide accessible casino, where players may compete against anyone else in a peer-to-peer manner.
Additionally we included Darma so players my take out loans to match raised bets which they do not have immediately available in their wallets.

How I built it: WE built the backend of this platform on Soliditiy, we came up with two message commitment protocols to verify randomness and ensure fair play in a pee- to-peer fashion. The frontend is build using angular.js. This is responsible for locally generating random strings as seeds and other calculations that should not be shown on the blockchain.

Challenges We ran into: Generating random samples using the blockhash and generating randomness using user committed strings of data. Accomplishments that We are proud of:
Deriving a method of PRNG Having three working games on chain. What I learned: The Solidity language and Darma protocol in less than a day.

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