Decentralized Insurance On Aeternity helps to make society safer and better by helping each other (That's what inspires me)

With a lot of products already like this in the market, I am looking for a way to make it more practical and LESS Complex, While making the mechanism Complex from a technical point of view so it can cover most of the stuff we require today.

What it does

You can have a Life insurance policy at your own choice with minimum third-party involvement and maximizing decentralization view. It can let you buy policies, Perform escrow services, and let you earn money or help others as an investors.

Challenges I ran into

I was having some work on my hand with this hackathon as well to perform.

I wasn't having planning to make a Decentralized insurance platform in the first place. I was thinking to make verifiable oracle results or stable coins or a shop on (Since I have already worked on the supply chain) (In the last week) but I realized that requires a Life-saving platform (Insurance, or anything else) first then need saving (Shopping, something else).

So in the last two days, I started my development (on 9-Dec-2020) and I find myself in a very tight position where it looks hard to even submit to this hackathon but As I want to try my best to at least make this project to this hackathon. So today at the last moment of hackathon submission I am working on its description and making it as brief as possible while trying to be clear so I can have enough time to submit

And for integration, I found that even though my experience with vue.js, I am not good to figure vuex in such a small time. So I made a working UI with quasar (Vuejs) and hosting it like the Voting app in

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made it possible (With fewer functionalities than I imagined of course) to provide a view of decentralized Insurance or Yet another application possible with Aeternity's powerful smart contract language Sophia.

What I learned

  • New functionalities of sophia.
  • New interfaces to deploy contracts on.
  • Much more new things.

What's next for Decentralized Insurance On Aeternity Blockchain

  • More functionality
  • Solid smart contract code
  • Improvised User Interface
  • Launch to the public.

More video demos than Presentation only

Contract Interface:- Ui Integration :-

Built With

  • aestudio
  • aeternity
  • quasar
  • sophia
  • vue
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posted an update

I will make further progress on this project after the results, I don't like to mess up with the current entry.

Please make sure to watch the "More video demos than Presentation only" section if you haven't.

It contains the contract working info and UI demo

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