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Abstract: Since it's inception, BEN(blockchain education network) has been working towards a ground up approach to inspiring student leaders to host local chapters. Through its success, we still suffer from a centralized organization structure when it comes to supporting our local chapters. This process usually involves BEN Global proposing new types of events (Airdrop/ Education Month/ Hackathons/etc) and having local chapters voluntarily take part in it. Often, however, this organization happens through processes that are not transparent and clouded. BEN Global takes in sponsor funds and then tries to provide those funds to local chapters as we see fit. We feel that due to recent success of BEN, we have built a strong foundation on which to launch our bigger vision: have all of our organization on a blockchain. The perfect model for this is a Holacratic Organization, a type of organization policy practiced by some companies that work to move away from a hierarchical structure. The word 'holon' is popularized in the book, "A Ghost In the Shell" and refers to a 'whole part of a bigger whole'. As such we want to work on creating a system which allows for BEN chapters to be fully autonomous chapters. A DHO has two basic functions, GOVERNANCE and OPERATIONS.

GOVERNANCE: BEN Chapters can run their governance models directly through our system to organize their structure. This also allows for the most up to date and public registry of chapters internationally and points of contact and information for who's in charge of what for each chapter. This opens up ease of communications for chapter to chapter communications instead of having to ask BEN Global to facilitate communication. Governance also allows rules to be dynamically updated and changed, and contracts to be migrated and self referenced using the IDENTITY system for chapters and roles. 

OPERATIONS: BEN Chapters can submit their events for funding to BEN Global's website. We can provide a centralized place for sponsors to look through events and sponsor them with ads or just give them SUP tokens as a show of support. These tokens can then be exchanged for ETHER by the Chapter by sending their SUPs to BEN Finance Contract, and getting direct funding. They can then autonomously put on their event. 

BUILT USING: BANKING: Use a tethered token, SUP, to create and maintain monetary policy throughout the entire system. Make auditing, receipts for tax exempt donations, self sovereign funding requests, all happen through smart contracts, allowing local chapters to create their own interfaces for their local websites. IDENTITY: By taking advantage of a self deployed ENS system, we can use our own TLD (‘.edu’) and create resolver libraries for all our chapters to use. All members can be referenced using the role.chaptername.edu pattern (and/or member.chaptername.edu if they don’t hold a position of power in their chapter), and any chapter can be referenced using the chaptername.edu pattern. This allows members to move in/out of roles and for chapters to evolve their governance models and migrate.

Why a blockchain? 

Why not just build a web software and database to deal with student organizations? - Democratization and automation of funding. We want anyone to be able to fund us, not just big donors that drops thousands of dollars. - We can raise funds for BEN Global ahead of our initiatives, and provide targeted advertising opportunities and direct support of events instead of having to abstract that to 'general BEN sponsorship'. - Vastly cut the time students / BEN Global spends on fundraising - We want the process to be fully open and public.
- We can hold our funds in an open manner instead of a in a bank account. We can transfer funds to chapters through crypto instead of writing checks.

Challenges I ran into


Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The number of redbulls we collectively drank (15). Also this is the coolest thing I've ever worked on (the identity pattern migration is really really really cool) Also I got to make my first ever pull requests and contribute to the ENS codebase (simple refractoring to make it actually compile and be up to date) and I'm super proud of contributing to open source projects!

What I learned

You don't need to be .eth, you can be any TLD, as long as the resolvers you're using don't need to be global.

What's next for Decentralized Holocratic Organization

Continue building our codebase, actually write tests, and then migrate our entire organization to this structure. Get an endowment, spur chapters all around the world to participate and raise a new generation of blockchain educated students.

We are also open sourcing all our code so any organization can roll a structure like ours in no time.

Built With

  • ens
  • nickjohnsonsdreams
  • redbull
  • sleep-deprivation
  • tears
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