We, a team of 4 decided to make something interesting over the weekend. Living in DFW metroplex, 45 minutes drive to UNT took us to the 2nd hackathon of UNT. Two of the members had no prior hackathon experience so, it was a starting one for them. Our team decided to take Block stack and GCP challenge and made a Decentralized Health Care System (DHCS).

What it does

DHCS is a web app where there are two interfaces, patient and doctor interface. A patient data is stored in a patient database, despite storing in the hospital database. And whenever a doctor requests the file, a patient could directly share a link to the user and after the authorization of the patient, the doctor could access it, after a file has been properly hashed. The whole purpose of building this was to prevent healthcare data hacking.

How we built it

The resources we used for building are Block Stack, React & Google Cloud Platform. Python & Java was used as the programming language, while the web interfaces were designed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Challenges we ran

As this was the first time for us using Block stack, it took us a while for self-learning and implementing what we learn. Completing the whole project overnight in 24 hours, with limited knowledge and skills was a challenge by itself. The major problem was creating servers for managing the two platforms and securely transfer the file using a unique hashing key to make it difficult for an unauthorized person to access it.

What we learned

First, we learned about our own skills, time management to perform such a project with lack of prior understanding. We also learned in depth about the Google cloud platform and implementing Block Stack and React which our team is proud of.

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