I, Ethan Highsmith, was inspired to pursue this challenge because I believe that even though I lack the same technical skill and background knowledge as others, that I could provide possible answers that other people may not have seen or fully pursued. My teammate was inspired to join me on the challenge


The primary contents of this project is not a collection code, but rather a GitHub repository with a very long read me, and a sources page detailing what I and my team member Ezekiel King believe to be a solvable problem that could aid in achieving better interoperability. TThe topic within this realm we decided to chase was Decentralized Exchanges, and how they could be instrumental in the future to help connect blockchains while also having the benefit of undermining centralized exchanges.


My teammate and I are very limited in terms of coding or developing skills relative to many around us, with my partner still being in High School. However, we felt confident that we could at least present a well-formed opinion and at least offer something for people to contemplate and or improve upon.

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