I have been a software developer for over 6 years but when I started my journey in Blockchain(about 4 years ago), I found that there was a lack of structured learning content where I can learn both concepts and hands-on combined in a single platform. Also, i found that there is a huge barrier for web2 developers to move to blockchain. I wanted to create an EdTech platform where the learning is simple and fun :).

What it does

Our Decentralised EdTech platform has easy to learn tutorials in the form of videos and embedded editors where one can learn the concepts as well as practice programming. It is built to cater to all levels of developers - from beginners to advanced.

How I built it

The base of our platform is a Sophia smart contract that tracks a student's journey on our paltform - which course has the student enrolled into, how many levels have they completed and rewards tokens accordingly. The front end is currently built on wix and consists of two Sophia tutorials - one beginner and one intermediate level.

Challenges I ran into

Both I and my teammate were working with Sophia for the first time, so we had a good learning curve. Sometimes, we did nit find code examples for certain scenarios and had to figure out things on our own or change the code to suit what we know. Lack of sufficient examples for each concept was one of our biggest challenges.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As a team, we completed 3 smart contracts and a working UI.

What I learned

We learnt a lot about Sophia, smart contract programming on Aeternity and an overall understanding of learner journey on a platform.

What's next for Decentralized Education Platform

Integration with SuperHero for sign in Connecting the wix front end to our backend Deploying the smart contract in the backend using the aeproject Adding more tutorials - both concepts as well as hands-on

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