Decentralized Container Market

A marketplace to find, publish and trade container image license in the Ocean Network.

Other Tools for Decentralized Container Market

  • Decentralized Docker Hub

Using Decentralized Docker Hub, you can easily push and pull docker images from IPFS and filecoin. It is powered by Powergate. It also has support for ENS domain names.

  • Decentralized Docker Hub Registry

Decentralized Docker Hub Registry allows you to push and pull docker images from IPFS. It provides a native docker integration via a custom docker registry server (v2). It is powered by Textile Hub and Textile Buckets. It also has support for Fleek Space Daemon. Decentralized Docker Hub Registry has support for encryption and team sharing via Textile Hub.

  • Decentralized License Generator

Generate or verify license for Ocean Protocol Datatokens (Container Image License)

How to use Decentralized Container Market

Publisher Side

  • Publish the docker image using Decentralized Docker Hub or Decentralized Docker Hub Registry
  • Create a url with the license details and documentation regarding how to pull the published docker image
  • Publish the license for the Container image using Decentralized Container Market -

Buyer Side

  • Check the Decentralized Container Market -
  • Select the container image license to be purchased
  • Purchase the container image license using OCEAN token (buyer gets datatoken for license)
  • Get the url with the license details and documentation
  • Pull the docker image using the documentation
  • Generate license code for docker image using Decentralized License Generator
  • Use the license code for verification whenever required (container could include a flow for license verification before usage)

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