Mheni wanted a good book recommendation service so he could read more books

What it does

Users become a member of the book club, you then get matched with another member and put in a message channel where you can exchange physical addresses to the mail the books. When you are done, you request a new book and get matched with someone else. You can send them any book you like, but they do have a profile with preferences and they do get to rank you at the end.

How we built it

Just a standard truffle react box. We knew that this would be too expensive on mainnet, so we experimented with a bridged side chain. For this project, the 'mainnet' is actually Rinkeby and the 'sidechain' is Ropsten.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the bridge to work was difficult. We use hosted nodes via infura and the Oraclize service to bridge the contracts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A bridged contract and a dapp with some buttons that work!

What we learned

Rinkeby is awful, and thinking through the security challlenges of locking Ether on another chain was fun

What's next for Decentral Booking (the Ethereum Book Club)

Hopefully we can complete it and deploy it so we can further tweak and perfect the side chain idea so other dapps don't need to be stuck on expensive networks

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