I could never finds webapp solution for easy and safe decentralized file sharing with permissioning based on wallet adressess. My app allows you to do this in much safer and quicker way than currently available options without need to create new account or giving information that could easily identify you like e-mail adresses.

What it does

DecentraDoc allows for easy and quick access to documents stored safely without compromising your identity. You can easily upload your work without worrying about your data being compromised to third-party. Sharing your files with your co-workers or friends have never been that easy before.

Demo hosted on Storj

This project is for the The Next Big Thing track.

How we built it

The project is divided into 3 parts 1)Webapp created with React, Vite, Tailwind where users can browse and upload files. 2)ExpressJS server which verifies user's credentials and returns documents stored in Storj bucket. 3)Solidity smart contracts contain information about file ownership and access are currently deployed on goerli testnet.


Challenges we ran into

It was my first time working with Storj & AWS sdk which meant I had to get used to new tools. Figuring out how to connect on-chain features to data stored off-chain in safe way was tricky but eventually after reaching out for help on hackathon telegram group I figured it out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Figuring out how to present selected files to different users with just frontend was tricky so I had to also add backend in the last moment. I am happy that I was able to do it within such a short timeframe even though I wanted to add more features before the deadline.

What we learned

I am happy I was able to learn about different ways in which I could use Oort for my project as a nice alternative to centralized cloud storage.

What's next for DecentraDoc

Our future plans consist of adding additional safety features with more flexible encryption solutions and allowing for document preview with rich text editor. Once these goals are completed I would love to implement real-time editing of documents with more sophisticated data permissioning(view,/edit,/owner permissions).

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