Our generation's students are finding it harder and harder to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while trying to juggle various commitments like studying, student societies, sports clubs and social activities. We set out to create a platform for groups of friends to drive each other to achieve quantifiable goals that would improve their physical and mental well-being. Students can commit to getting enough sleep and excercising regularly in a healthy competition, literally.

We give students the incentive to improve themselves.

What it does

Students create challenges for themselves, which their friends can join and participate in with them. This could be, for example, pledging to sleep eight hours a night for six out of seven days that week. Each participant pledges an amount of money in the form of DECENT (DCT). If they are successful, they get their money back, but if not, their share gets split among the other participants. "Bystanders" can also take part, gifting money to people who are successful.

We take data from FitBit to verify completion of tasks, and this is stored omn the Blockchain.

How we built it

The app was complete in both the front and back end. In the front end, we used react and redux to create a progressive mobile web-app that connects with the back-end server through a REST api call. In the back-end, we implemented a wrapper over the JS sdk for DCore and implemented methods that communicated over the DCore blockchain that allowed for transactions and storing of messages through a self-implemented smart contract, implemented in Python. We created our own settlement logic for a pool of users communicating through the web-app in the backend and communicated that back forwards. On the front-end, we used modern material UI design and Redux to manage state efficiently

Challenges we ran into

The most challenging part of our project was bringing it all together. The frontend ui, the backend that keeps track of all challenges and participants, and of course the blockchain that keeps all important data transparent and secure.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of creating a fully functional platform that uses modern technology to improve our everyday lives. All in 24 hours.

What we learned

We learned a lot through using the popular React and Redux libraries to create out front-end web interface, applying high-level design patterns in an appropriate and idiomatic way to solve problems like state management and performance efficiency.

We used the DCore JavaScript SDK to interact with the DECENT blockchain, and we learned a lot about blockchain technology doing this.

Our main server was written in Python using Flask. It acted as a hub between our front end and our Node.js DCore server, and this gave us lots of experience drawing up and creating APIs which we could all use together.

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