Cities and governments must comply with the World Health Organization air pollution limits. They need to monitor the air quality and act in case of significant pollution in some areas of the city. Currently, cities have usually only 2 or 3 large monitoring stations that are extremely costly. They provide very accurate data, but only at single points in the city. They do not provide a detailed map of the air quality of the city per district/area. Moreover, citizens have no other choice than trusting their governments to be transparent with the air quality data, which is often not the case (India, China, possibly the US in the future as examples), especially when the data are not as good as they should be.

What it does

We aim to provide a real-time detailed map of the air quality in global cities, by deploying a network of IoT devices. The data are directly sent to a decentralized storage platform (e.g.IPFS), such that the data become incorruptible (immutable). The data can then be purchase by sending money to an Ethereum smart contract.

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