My family has been in the farming and food production business for many generations in a southern Jordanian village. I have a passion for producing the highest quality food products that taste great and are healthy.

Based on an International Trade Centre study (ITC) in 2018, Jordan could not realize its ~$1 Billion potential in food exports to the international Market because of lack of trust in Jordanian products. There is currently no internationally recognized tracking system for the Quality of these products.

We are building a Food Guard platform based on the Blockchain to guarantee the quality of food production. We start with engaging farmers and producers of fresh food in Jordan. Our ultimate goal is to provide quality certification to producers of a broad range of food products, worldwide. We create a system to record and store quality of products at all stages of the supply chain. This system will allow the producer to offer proven quality goods at higher prices, uplifting producer profits, raising prices taken by the farmer, and providing a solid basis for increasing export of these goods from Jordan. We also certify labor at all stages of food production and distribution. So, as a byproduct of Decapolis Food Guard system, we can make sure that fair labor practices are followed during production.

I want to ensure that my family eats the best quality food with no harmful bacteria, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers. It’s time to guarantee the food supply for future generations.

Many studies such as the Nielsen World Food Report 2017 show that consumers are willing to pay 33% more for genuine certified quality foods. In order to reach these higher prices, Producers must provide guarantees of quality and not just put a stamp on packaging, which usually means that the producer has been audited according to food quality standards (such as ISO 220000) within the past number of years and based on random samples of food. This not good enough.

The Decapolis Food Guard System operates with all batches of food production in near real time. We place a QR code on the packaging so that the consumer can discover the exact source of the packaged goods and the certifications applied. For this guarantee, the producer pays Decapolis transaction fees for entering quality assessment data on the blockchain. Each party on the supply chain uses smart contracts to ensure that the food meets high quality standards and payments can be issued to all partners along the supply chain.

We have three different technology stacks in the Decapolis Food Guard product:

  1. Blockchain un-alterable records of quality assessment on the supply chain. We create a private Blockchain with advanced “Proof of” consensus algorithms with tokens representing value.
  2. Smart contracts to allow commercial exchanges based on the quality assessments throughout the stages of production and distribution.
  3. Trusted sensor systems and government test lab results are integrated into the blockchain distributed Ledger using trusted Blockchain “Oracles”. These sensors take measurements according to International food quality standards and record them securely on the blockchain.

We have aggressively engaged partners in government regulatory groups, food quality associations, industry organizations including export regulators in order to establish the value of Decapolis Food Guard platform. We have the endorsement of various key government Ministries in Jordan, including the Ministry of ICT and the Ministry of Agriculture. We have engaged the Jordan FDA to help us to certify Decapolis Food Guard internal processes. Decapolis is on-track to sign agreements with a large international food producer for testing and trials of the Food Guard platform, for a commercial go-to market assistance, and as a potential customer for food sources input to their production processes.

we are working with the Jordanian government closely to develop the Jordan food traceability system, increase trust in Jordanian products and comply with other government systems, we started with Netherland government.

We are working on test and customize the Decapolis system to be used by small farmers and home-based project

we have chosen as one of 10 startup companies to get support from one of the World’s Largest Pools of Blockchain Experts in London.

we have chosen to join the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Leaders in Innovation Fellowships (LIF) programme and working with dedicated mentors support 1 year.

the only seed-stage startup of 13 companies series A and B who have been chosen by world bank to join UK matchmaking program to access for Fund, customers, Investment and potential partners

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