Decade Dash was inspired by retro video games, especially the popular platformer game Super Mario Bros. Decade Dash draws creativity from past decades (70s, 80s, 90s, 00s) and uses it to build each level.

What it does

The game runs as a side-scroller platformer game (similar to Super Mario Bros.) where the main character dashes through time and completes varying levels designed to with a particular decade's aesthetic. Like many other platformer games, the player will defeat enemies, gain power-ups and beat their own high score.

How we built it

Our game mechanics was built using Unity. Visual Studio is how we edited our scripts. We used tutorials to help us with the basic character movements. We designed our art with Aesprite and Pixel Editor. Most of our designs were done as 16x16 pixel art.

Challenges we ran into

Time aside, our biggest challenges were scripting, art design, and sleep deprivation. It also took us our entire dinner time to come up with a name. We had two members who were not very familiar with Unity and none of us are exactly Pixel Art Picasso.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of our art and code. That sounds very niche, but a majority of our art was created by amateur designers and our code was based on tutorials and past projects. Half of our team was brand new to Unity! We're also proud that we actually submitted something this year, because last year...we were overwhelmed.

What we learned

Aside from learning more about Unity and art design, we definitely learned about the importance of giving ourselves breaks, no ideas are bad ideas (except for the bad ideas), and how well we all work as a team. Although, we definitely learned that our friendships can still last after 24 hours of nonstop working together.

What's next for Decade Dash

Going forward, our team will add more content (levels, enemies, power-ups, etc.) , polish the art and animations, and publish to our website. If you see use as #1 on the App Store soon, don't be surprised!

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