if ## Inspiration

Alright ok bois listen up. We all hate debugging rite. Dont lie, it succs. So we made the process more bearable/enjoyable by stimulating your musical senses (5gum sponsored).

What it does

Your debugger now has music. Your code is now a dj. You hate your code? Upload a .wav of Friday by Rebecca Black to match.

How we built it

we touok your objects and we oriented them

Our stack: python (flask, cmd, pdb) + Javascript & HTML

from Umass import first_time_hacker as aaron we tried to import from bu but it was deprecated

Challenges we ran into

pssssh what are challenges when you have an aaron

deprecation of bu package

Accomplishments that we're proud of

aaron senpai

What we learned

aaron is a wicked smaht boi and we love him

What's next for Debugging is music to my ears

Atom plugin

Built With

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