'Rubber Ducking' is a common 'debugging' technique programmers use to fix their errors. Simply put one explains their problem to a rubber duck and often that is enough to give the programmer new direction or a solution outright.

Ducky, a virtual rubber duck that lives on Twitter, allows you to 'debug' and track your mental well being by simply chatting with it!

What it does

The Ducky account leverages the Twitter API to prompt users to 'rate' their own tweets. This user-driver sentiment analysis is then aggregated in a database that allows for powerful insights and analytics into their mood, mindset, and community via a React dashboard.

How I built it

The Ducky Dashboard leverages React, Redux, Material UI, and Axios, to render visualizations powered by a custom REST API.

Challenges I ran into

Our team went through a surprise technical bottleneck when it came to getting the response from users after sending them a DM. Currently, the Twitter API does not support this functionality, so we had to get creative and construct our own functions that emulated the methods we needed to reach this goal.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

We learned that during a virtual hackathon, good communication is imperative to overcome any obstacles. In addition, having a growth mindset and willingness to learn can take you far!

What's next for Debug Your Feelings with Duckybot

In the future, we plan on adding additional features to the Dashboard (possibly handle a larger data set and have more thorough visualizations).

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