Pluralism and the struggle for justice and equality is a very crucial issue in Indonesia. Indonesia has seen plenty of violence in the name of religion. lately, we see religious intolerance and discrimination against minority, mostly against non-muslim minority, like Christian, Ahmadiya, Shia follower, discrimination against LGBT community, and also against woman (laws on adultery in Aceh). We know that education is an important part of the recipe for pluralism, but unfortunately, we recently ranked in 62 out of 72 in 2015 PISA report, even worse, our PIAAC result show that almost 70% of adults in Jakarta score at or below level 1 in Literacy. We assumed that either can't afford books or don't have access to the library/internet ( of course there are many books available online at no cost) is one cause of the problems. We believe that by reading more books can make us think freely, learn to grow up and building awareness about pluralism. So, hopefully, with this app, we could improve reading culture and literacy in the rural communities.

What it does

Debu (Derma Buku) is a platform for the people/community who wants to share or give away books (or books they no longer want) to everyone, everytime and everywhere (in Indonesia) as long as they consent to donate by looking at the donation request list and choose it wisely. It also help you to reach out some of the book charities organizations by sign up or login using Facebook and making a book donation request. So, if you don't have books you can still help by login and then reserve/request book donation for your neighborhood, community, school, individuals, or even yourself.

How I built it

Derma buku is built using React-native, and PHP as backend.

Challenges I ran into

This is our first time to experience in full mobile development and software design.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to create a platform that may help people to share kindness by donating their books.

What I learned

So many new things especially in terms of implementing ideas and the importance of time management to work on it. and also, we realized that the idea that may seem really basic actually requires a lot of work to run properly.

What's next for Debu (Derma Buku)

  1. the search feature on the home menu, so it can displays books donation request list based on location, books type, time, and so forth.
  2. Chat bot in messenger.
  3. Chat with other user.
  4. Like and comment on the donation request.

if you want to try, please use this account or you can register.

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pass : poiupoiu

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