Debt Service is a social movement and mobile app that connects Americans to paid service-based work opportunities, where payment for work is applied to the worker's debt. Debt Service matches skilled workers to non-profits and small businesses based on skills, availability and location. Debt Service is built using trusted API's that incorporate dynamic financial data and synchronized professional data. The objectives of Debt Service include: 1.) help American's accelerate the rate of debt amortization and start to identify with the concept of "my money", not my lender's money 2.) help Americans generate a personal "surplus" that can be redistributed into investments, savings and retirement opportunities, 3.) help non-profits and small businesses develop a competitive edge to recruit, motivate and afford great talent, 4.) lift work morale of individuals and organizations to shift away from deflated sentiments and help Americans discover meaningful service opportunities and ways to enrich their skills and "professional experience" 5.) supply personalized amortization scenarios that promote financial capability (i.e. ability to accelerate repayment, alerts to contact lender if approaching delinquency) as well as financial access (i.e. opportunities to save or invest surplus payments, product recommendations for the unbanked, SMS alerts about special offers).

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