Nowadays, people spend a lot of their earnings on extravagant expenditure. This traps them in small debt that ends up with a huge amount leading to a stressful life. To avoid such situations we are here with a 'DEBT MANAGER' that keeps track of earnings and motivates them to save money as they are rewarded for small savings too !!

What it does:

Made a website named "Debt Manager". This website aims to create financial awareness among user, walking them step by step out of debt and towards better financial management habits. Progress is judged by monitoring changes in a user’s savings, spendings towards debt, etc by analysing amount in accounts and credits are awarded according to savings done.

How we built it:

Short Glimpse : 1.Upload the image of account details. Images can be uploaded once in a month. 2.The amount will be extracted from the image in the backend. 3.Savings and spendings will be analysed on the basis of present and past amount. 4.Credits will be rewarded as per the savings done. User can redeem, donate or plant a tree using earned credits. 5.Savings and spendings can be visualised from the graphs plotted.

Challenges we ran into :

One of the challenge we faced is:

  1. During the extraction of the metadata of the images, we found that after the image gets uploaded, it's metadata gets modified.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Successful integration of text extraction(NLP), backend, frontend.

What we learned:

We learnt about different technologies used and how to integrate them together.

What's next for Debt Manager:

In future, we look forward to integrating Debt Manager with .the online payment gateways like Paytm, Phonepe etc, in order to get account details directly without having a chance of the image being tampered.

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