We've always had issues keeping track of small debts that accumulate over time and paying them back to your friends. We also tend to not carry enough change to easily pay each other back. To solve these issues, we created DebtCollect to allow friend groups to better keep track of who owes who and allow friends to easily pay you back using their credit or debit cards.

What it does

Allows you to keep track of who owes you money. The app also allows people to pay you back using their debit or credit cards via NFC or your phone camera. The app also handles basic cash transactions if the person chooses to pay with cash.

How we built it

NFC card detection is handled by the library. Camera OCR is handled by Paypal's library. We use to handle the actual transactions, sending them a token that has the credit card information.

What's next for Debt Collect

Syncing contact and debt information between phones.

Built With

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