My game is about collecting space debris with a spaceship. The debris has a number and based on the level, there are certain debris to collect each a different property of numbers such as multiples, odd/even, and prime/composite. Each level has a certain score that you must achieve to move on to the next quadrant. Once you complete all the quadrants on one level, the other level will unlock then you have to do the same thing for the next level, etc. The controls in the game are that to move left, you press the left key, and to turn right, you press the right key. Once you are in the menu to select levels, you can press the number two in order to unlock level two easier and the number three to unlock level 3 easier too. I hope to have make a game that can be an extension to the classroom; my target audience is kids who are starting in math, around kindergarten to first grade, and hopefully my game can help them learn and achieve more as they start their math classes. Giving them confidence that they know a few things that can help them with mathematics while playing a fun, simple game.

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