Our game starts off with a very visually stimulating Title Screen that really shows off the capabilities of how emersive the VR Experience can be. The Player will practically feel the surroundings with specifically designed effects produced by the Unity 3D particle systems. The Game-play starts off and you find yourself just awaken form your space Capsule with all your defenses destroyed. Having no idea what happened your only hope is it to collect the scattered pieces of your wreckage and put it back together with the help of you AI. The is view of being suspended in space with a UI that prompts the player to search for a specific object. With 3D objects slowly rotating seeming floating in anti gravity all around the player, the specific object will be orbiting in the players 360 degree view. Once the player locates the specific object among the many random 3D objects and put the cross-hairs on it , the object will be tractor beamed to a location in interestingly and satisfying way. Points will then be scored and a new object will be called to be found. There will be multiple levels with different backgrounds and objects, some levels where time will be a factor along with other Very interesting distractions and object interactions. The Simplicity of the core function of this game and its visually stimulating effects should be appealing to the very young and old alike.

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