The E-commerce sector is a neglected area in the web3 evolution due to its centralization

What it does

Debay store is an online store where goods are purchased using cryptocurrencies and after purchase each user gets a non transferable nft, thus increasing their level/rank and unlocking different features to them

How we built it

Using Chainlink's price feeds oracle to get price of cryptocurrencies in real-time Using Moralis database, Web3 Api and functions to store, get data , call, execute functions Using ** ipfs to store the nft metadata** Using Superfluid to make payment in installements

Challenges we ran into

Due to minimal knowledge of solidity and web3, they were many challenges mostly in writing the erc1155 nft contract

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Due to vast research done in the course of this hackathon i believe am a better programmer

What we learned

The erc1155 token standard

What's next for debay

In the Future we will like to add more nfts to our collection from which our users get We would be tackling the issue of a centralised delivery system Adding more goods to the store Allowing users to not just buy but add their own goods to sell

Built With

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