In the age of information explosion, we have little time and patience to think critically. Thanks to the powerful algorithms behind social media platforms, we are shown more information and views that we want to see.

With the aid of technologies, everyone can share their views and opinions faster and further. However, the society is lacking inclusive platforms for constructive and meaningful debates on important topics, leaving those who prefer quiet private discussions behind.

What it does

Debater is a mobile application that facilitates focused and constructive debates. It works like this:

  • You log in to the Debater app
  • The Home screen shows quality resources to inspire users to improve their skills
  • You are encouraged to invite your friends and family to join the Debater app.
  • You can launch a debate session by choosing an opponent to play with.
  • You get assigned either proposition or opposition randomly to stretch yourself to look at things from different perspectives.
  • The default game setting has 3 rounds of arguments and 3 rounds of rebuttal timeboxed within 9 minutes, ensuring you stay focused throughout.
  • You can earn points and track performance based on peer review.

How we built it

  • Mobile application (IOS, Android): React Native
  • Backend: Node.js, Typescript, MongoDB
  • Tools: Auth0 (jwt tokens), AWS, MongoDB Atlas
  • Website: Wix
  • Wireframes: Figma

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Built a functioning MVP during the weekend
  • Built a Product Landing Page

What we learned

  • Learnt about how to use Auth0 to authenticate a user
  • Understood the market of debates further

What's next for Debater

  • Tech development: build the peer review stage
  • Buz development: reach out to education institutes and debate clubs/competitions, collect user feedback
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