These days, most debates take place in the comment section of Facebook. These usually devolve into chaos, with neither side's mind changed or perspective broadened. This furthers the already large political division in today's America.

We thought, there must be a better alternative, right?

We realized that this poorly situated location for modern debate only exists because there doesn't really exist a platform designed specifically for debating. The only options are:

  • Debate websites, which are a very impersonal Q&A forum format rather than a chat format
  • School debate teams, which are limited in scale and accessibility

So, we decided to create an chat-based app available to all that would actually foster good debate.

What it does

1) Users choose their stances on current issues

2) Users debate people with opposing stances (1-on-1)

3) Take turns making 1-minute arguments (Rapid-fire makes people think critically)

4) Debates are moderated by judges who are impartial on the issue at hand and have won at least 10 games

5) Judges can call people out of order if they are rude or present weak arguments

6) Points are won for being civil and presenting stronger arguments. More points in a debate = win that debate

7) More wins ==> move up ranks ==> gain "reputation"

  • As people are exposed to more opinions, they are educated, forced to reevaluate their beliefs, and break out of their "bubbles"
  • Moderator discourages rudeness
  • Chat format makes debate more personal and impactful.

What's next for debateMate

It's still an unfinished work - we plan on completing it, improving the UI, increasing functionality, and releasing it to the public.

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